Zeist Lodge, Addis Ababa

Set around a shady courtyard, this small boutique hotel  is decorated with local paintings and artefacts. Furniture is wood decorated with traditional carvings.

Beneath the trees teeming with bird life, it’s easy to imagine you’re in an oasis of the fertile south of Ethiopia.


Situated in Bole Rwanda, Zeist is in a peaceful side street. The hustle of the main uptown shopping area of Bole is about 10 minutes walk away.

Zeist Lodge Addis


We had a “suite room” – basically a large bedroom with a sofa, desk and balcony overlooking the courtyard.

The vast bed was wood and leather and very comfortable. Several bright art works hung on the walls.

En-suite bathroom was spacious and modern, albeit with the usual querks and minor malfunctions common to most hotels here.


Limited and fluctuating choice but tasty and cooked to order (be prepared to wait).
Options include the usual suspects ie chicken, rice, pasta, injera etc.

Breakfast is great: I liked the pancakes with chocolate sauce served with a generous fruit salad.

Zeist Lodge Addis



Nothing extra really: it’s sufficient to just be in this green and peaceful spot.


Staff show the warmth that comes with a small, family run hotel.


95 USD  per night for the suite room.  Free shuttle to and from the airport.

Zeist Lodge Addis
Just the bathroom bin – but stylish


Nothing major but there were the usual ups and downs with plumbing. The sink was without u bend and issued a pungent smell. This was fixed with room spray and keeping the plug closed.

Shower was powerful although there was a 1 mm level of accuracy needed on the temperature control to achieve water between scalding and cold.


Very unusual hotel in Addis. Overall an excellent stay due to the atmosphere.

courtyard Addis Ababa

Good for: peace and quiet, doing nothing.

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dining room Zeist Lodge

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