Vanguards of Addis: show at Kebena House

Kebena House hosted this vibrant show in February 2020. 

Kebena House is a recent arrival on the Ethiopian art scene, located on the edge of Addis with fine views of the city. Difficult to find, the venue is  behind the Kenyan Embassy, a good drive up the hill close to Enqu Lideta Church.  The show described itself as “An Altitude of Pleasure to the Visual Art Trends of Addis.”  Hosted in collaboration with Guramayne Art Center, artists included Emanuel Tegena, Kirubel Melke, Meron Hailu, Selome Muleta, Surafel Amare and Tamrat Gezahegne.  I went there with our driver and trusted friend, Mesfin, who has taken in to coming in and checking out the shows.

There was no more information and no-one present save for a cleaner who kept hovvering around us, looking like we were not to be trusted.  Kebena House appears to be recently finished, a modern building fitting of an art gallery anywhere in the world.  There isn’t a website but its Facebook page states it is an ‘Events and Co-Working Centre.’ (‘Center’ if you want the American spelling).

Kebena is right on the edge of the city with sweeping views of Addis as a bonus to the exhibition.  I do not know anything really about art other than to say I enjoyed it and there is no end of talent.  Mesfin enjoyed it too. For once, he did not say, “I can do that with my phone.”










Kebena House: +251 974 127 981,


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