A blog about places, style and the extraordinarily resilient people of Ethiopia.

My name is Claire Davies.  It was 2001 when I arrived in Ethiopia. The border war with Eritrea was over.  The country was coming up to breathe.  The city of Gondar, in the heart of Amhara state, was still Ethiopia’s wild west.  The highland landscape was as beautiful as the people.  Dust devils bisected the streets.   Beneath the poverty, the dirt and the thread of aggression that ran through the streets, the people had a passion, for their culture and history and for life.

I spent that first year working as a doctor in Gondar College of Medical Sciences. That was the year that captured my imagination.  I have been coming and going from Ethiopia ever since.

Despite its poverty, its bursts of political unrest and its uneven and rapid growth, somehow the country has always been kind to me.  This blog is a story of every day things, friends and people that still capture my imagination.

For more about me and contact details, see www.drclairedavies.com.